“Fearless Fitness” At Any Size

Body Exchange is Canada’s pioneering fitness company exclusive to a plus size clientele. Established in 2008 by Louise Green, Body Exchange has experienced ongoing rising success and has never looked back. Our mission is to remove limited thinking and living, due to weight, by using fitness and adventure as the vehicle to better living.  We strive to abolish stereotypes often cast upon the plus size community when it comes to physical fitness and overall health.  We are a new approach to health and fitness, one that is contrary to the sometimes extreme measures and disappointments of the commercial weight loss industry.

Hundreds of clients have regained and sustained their health and wellness from our approach. They have found a community of like minded people, a place to challenge themselves and most importantly a place to live their wildest athletic dreams. Good living is for the taking, you just have to reach out and grab it!

Athletics. Adventures. Destinations.