Bring Body Exchange to your Community

There is a revolution happening out there. People of all shapes and sizes are defying stereotypes in fitness and adventure.  Body Exchange has been a game changer in the Canadian fitness market for the past 5 years. Through boot camps, learn to run programs and adventures we have created  a body positive environment that develops the plus size market into thriving athletes.  Our growth plan includes fearless fitness at any size, Canada wide and is now seeking licensed owners in the USA. We are a concept that can operate with little overhead while changing lives.  Check It out here.

Body Exchange is a licensed business opportunity available to select applicants were you can be in business for yourself but not by yourself.  We receive inquires from all over North America from individuals requesting a Body Exchange in their community.  We are looking for very specific individuals who have a list of criteria and the true gift of leadership.

Our message is one that needs to be spread far and wide with the right people in place.   We are seeking revolutionaries, leaders, and ambassadors who are active,  body positive and who walk the walk of no limits living.  Are you entrepreneurial spirited? An instigator with a touch of rebellion who isn’t afraid to defy stereotypes and perceptions?  We hear about rising obesity statistic daily in our media yet realistic solutions and opportunities for better health are far and few between.  We are the game changers.  We empower individuals to expand their minds to unlimited possibility and embrace active living and better health.  Are you up for that?  Body Exchange is the leader in addressing the social issues around fitness one that has been severely overlooked.  We have years of experience addressing the physical, emotional and psychological needs of the plus size demographic and have changed the lives of many.

This isn’t a job, this is a revolution and only those who have the burning passion for change need apply.   Are you ready to take a stand and become a leader in our movement?

We offer you all the tools and support to build a successful business in demand.  We are simply changing lives.

Contact Louise Green to get the conversation started.

Start living your life from the inside out, as opposed to the outside in. - Billy Cox