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What keeps me coming back to Rhonda’s class again and again is the sense of community.  I’ve always loved fitness, but felt a bit isolated in classes where I was at the “back of the pack.” Through her encouragement, endless positivity and effervescent energy, Rhonda has created an atmosphere where we can all work at our own pace, but still maintain a sense of togetherness and teamwork.  Rhonda cares about each one of us, and in turn that makes us care about each other, too.  We care about each other’s successes, we care when someone can’t make it to class, and we care when we can kick each other’s butt in plank contests!

Danielle, Richmond Body Exchange

After my trainer took a leave of absence, I was lost. I didn’t know what I was going to do, but I knew I had to keep going. Exercise needed to be a part of my life. I had “stalked” the Body Exchange site a number of times, but never bit the bullet. I finally gave in and called Rhonda. We had a good conversation the first time we talked, but I was still unsure. I didn’t know if the workout was right for me. I went for a free class the next day and I’ve been hooked ever since. That was 8 months ago. I moved from 2 days a week to 3 back in August and I haven’t looked back. The concept of B/X is great, but Rhonda is why I keep coming back and will keep coming back. She helped me find my new cadence and continues to drive me forward. Nothing but pure love for Rhonda!

Janet, Richmond Body Exchange

Louise will find a way to up your game and increase your intensity for an optimal workout. She has encouraged me physically, mentally and emotionally, both through her personal training and her personal achievements. Because of her challenging classes and sessions, and her continued encouragement, I have become stronger, more confident and I have learned to love the fitness lifestyle and am always seeking out my next challenge. Louise brings energy, enthusiasm, encouragement and epic workout plans to every session - it makes for the perfect mix for success.

Tarryn - North Shore Body Exchange

“When I started with Andrea I believed the weight held me back, well that has changed over the past 2 years since I have worked with Andrea. With her positive ways and willingness to challenge me, I can now say that is not true anymore. She will work with you and push you ever so gently to overcome a challenge. I have walked a 5K and 10K, hiked and have gone surfing. That is something I would never considered before. She has also taught me to try it and see what happens. I never feel alone in reaching my goals and love every step of it along the way. I am stronger and love every minute of it. Each training session is different and stay motivated. I can say honestly say training with Andrea has changed my life for the better. My body is stronger and overall I am healthier. Thank you!!!”

My favourite thing about the program is its flexibility to cater to high or low fitness levels in one class without making anyone feel left out.
Lyndsay Krause, Body Exchange member

“As a plus size woman, I joined Body Exchange looking to get more active, fit and feel better about myself.  Louise and Andrea at Body Exchange have managed to create a safe, non-intimidating forum for people who are plus size and/or people wanting to get active –  to exercise and push their abilities while still having fun.  Even though I have progressed over the year, I have always found the classes are always challenging, no matter what fitness level you are at, and they are never boring.  The additional adventures are always well thought out and consideration of fitness level always in the forefront.  I have done things in the past year which I would never have guessed I could have:  gone on a few 5K runs, done spinning classes, hiked, done a boxing course and more.  Body Exchange has proven to me that I can do any adventure I set my mind to do.  I will continue to recommend Body Exchange to anyone looking to get more active –  stop thinking about it, come out and see for yourself!!” – Cathy, Body Exchange Member

Once I tried Body Exchange I was hooked. This is a place of acceptance and working at your own pace. I love that it is outside and gives a complete workout in just one hour. I can work as hard or as easy as I feel on any particular day. ... Trust me...you will feel so much better.

“I love the outdoor environment. No over heating and feeling self conscious inside a gym and lots of variety in the work out too. Many nice ladies to exercise with and fun adventures planned monthly. I would recommend giving it a go!”
Janice Benna, Body Exchange Member

Since starting training with Andrea, I have done things and am doing things that I would have never thought were possible. The last six months of training with Andrea has been challenging and rewarding, but most importantly...life changing. ... I love and constantly look forward to my sessions with her.

“Personal training adds new dimensions to my awareness/understanding as well as my growth as an athlete. Andrea creates a rich and respectful space in her personal training practice – a space that is safe enough to be both challenged and nurtured. Andrea sees capacity in me when all I can feel is
doubt and she laughs with me when I need it most. She embodies respect and compassion. She has helped that 10-year-old girl – the one who cried through Canada Fitness tests in school – find pride and confidence as a 43-year old athlete!”

Andrea is a joy to work with. She challenges me and my body in ways I would never have thought possible. Workouts are challenging and fun and there is often much laughter going on. I'm stronger than I have ever been. My only regret is that I can't work out with her every day!

Rhonda is fantastic! I have been attending Rhonda’s Boot Camps for the past two years and no session is ever the same. My fitness level has improved-all due to working out with Rhonda. Rhonda has an amazing amount of infectious energy. She makes working out fun and challenging and plans her workouts to focus on all different parts of your body, including cardio, core, arms, and even balance. Rhonda is the best!

Sharon, Body Exchange, Richmond

“I am a plus size woman who cannot remember when it is has not been in my mind to get more active, fit and feel better about myself.  I found Body Exchange on the internet and subscribed to the newsletter for months, reading various participant’s improvements and wishing it were me.  Finally, I made the call to Louise to ask if “plus size beginner” was really for a “plus size beginner” like me.  Thankfully, she said yes and invited me to come and try to find out for myself.  I am so happy that I made the call and went to a class.  I been a member for 2 months and only missed one class (due to a work commitment).  The classes are fabulous, they are done at your own pace with encouragement from instructors and participants alike.  Amazing to me is that I truly look forward to the class all day, try hard during class and am thrilled with my accomplishment after the class.  My frame of mind is much happier as well as I am actually seeing progress in my ability.  Stop thinking about it, come out and see for yourself!!” – Kathy, Body Exchange Member

I would recommend (Andrea) to anyone, regardless of fitness level or experience, but would particularly recommend her to newbies who might be hesitant about giving personal training a try and who want to work with someone who knows the right balance of supportive encouragement and gentle push and is knowledgeable in working with people of all body types and fitness levels.

“Throughout my 95 pound weight loss (to date!) Andrea planned training sessions that pushed my limits – what a feeling of exhilaration! Andrea’s unwavering belief that I could achieve my goals
helped me to truly believe in myself. Andrea has helped me to find a new path to fitness and good health! I will never look back.”

I've been working with Andrea for 1 year and 2 months now and I would highly recommend her as a personal trainer. Beyond fitness training, Andrea is very concerned about your whole body health and is involved with me on setting goals, following up on those goals, diet & nutrition, and overall well-being.