At The Body Exchange our focus is on lifestyle changes rather than radical actions and quick fixes.
Our approach to nutrition is to take it slow and make small changes overtime; inevitably small changes add up to big change in due course.  We coach our clients to implement whole foods rich in nutrients so you are fueled for your workouts and for your busy life!

As the sayings go, “Your Fate is on Your Plate” and “You are What you Eat” food plays a major role in energy, vitality, mental clarity, disease prevention and management and body composition.  Good nutrition is the key to good living yet it is the one area so many of us struggle with. Body Exchange Online Nutrition is a tool to assist our clients plan healthy meals, track their food if desired, and grade their daily nutrients so you no longer have to live day to day not knowing where you stand with your nutrition.  There are thousands of meal plans specific to every need

Body Exchange Online Nutrition is included with every membership and will help you tackle nutrition head on along with the support of your coach and fellow participants.

Body Exchange Online Nutrition is include with every membership!

Here are just some of the features of our program:

Create a Meal Plan
Browse Meal Plans
Track Your Goals

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I love the outdoor environment. No over-heating and feeling self conscious inside a gym and lots of variety in the workout too. Many nice ladies to exercise with and fun adventures planned monthly. I would recommend giving it a go!
Body exchange member
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