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Louise Green
Lynn Valley, North Vancouver
P: 604.785.7018


Body Exchange runs programs 12 months of the year to help you live your best life.  Please note you can join us at anytime and your program will be pro-rated.

  • Schedule

    This location offers training by appointment only – in small groups or 1 on 1. Please contact Louise directly for a schedule and quote.

  • Special Programs
    Personal Training
    Personal Training services are also available, please email us your best days/times and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Louise Green has been globally recognized plus size athlete, trainer and advocate with a leading voice at the forefront of the Body Advocacy movement.

With a background in group fitness and personal training as well as a successful career as a Plus Size Athlete, Green single handedly kicks negative weight stigma to the curb.  As a “Plus Size Ambassador” for athletes in a culture that overlooks larger bodies, Louise is living proof that society’s beliefs regarding the physical limitations of atypical bodies are false.

Green is not only the Founder of Body Exchange (with 6 licensed locations in Canada), but is additionally a writer, host of international fitness retreats, a fitness DVD producer and soon to be published author. Through multiple mediums, she collaborates regularly with others within the Body Love movement around the globe.

Green IS the change we wish to see in the world, and this combined with her vision, passion, and courage, makes a future where limitless athletic dreams are possible for every 'body'.

  • Pricing

    1 year - 2 Days / Week$135 / month
    1 year - 3 Days / Week$155 / month
    6 months - 2 Days / Week$145 / month
    6 months - 3 Days / Week$165 / month
    3 months - 2 Days / Week$155 / month
    3 months - 3 Days / Week$175 / month
    1 month - 2 Days / Week$165 / month
    1 month - 3 Days / Week$185 / month
    Flex Pass - 10 Sessions$180
    Flex Pass - 5 Sessions$90


I can say honestly say training with Andrea has changed my life for the better. My body is stronger and overall I am healthier. Thank you!!!
Burnaby Body Exchange Member
Plus Size fitness, squats