Motivation will almost always beat mere talent.

Andrea Guzzo
Kitchener Elementary
1351 Gilmore Street, Burnaby
(outdoor location,
undercover and lit)
P: 778.229.5971
E: burnaby@bodyexchange.ca


Body Exchange runs programs 12 months of the year to help you live your best life. Here is our official calendar for 2017. Please note you can join us at any time and your program will be pro-rated.

  • Fit Camp Schedule 2017

    Classes times are Monday and Wednesday at 6:15pm – 7:15pm, Saturday’s at 9am – 10am

    Session #1: January 4 – January 30

    Session #2: February 1 – February 27

    Session #3: March 1 – March 27

    Session #4: March 29 – April 29

    Session #5: May 1 – May 31

    Session #6: June 3 – June 28

    Session #7: July 5 – July 31

    Session #8: August 2 – August 30

    Session #9: Classes will be held on September 6, 13, 18, 20, 25 & 27

    Session #10: October 2 – November 1

    Session #11: November 4 – November 29

     Session #12: December 2 – December 20 

  • Special Programs
    Restorative Yoga 2017

    Restorative Yoga means 6-8 poses per class, holding a pose for 5-10 minutes where your body is fully supported by props and you are simply relaxing into the support.

    Classes will be held Thursday evening’s at Capitol Hill Athletics starting January 5th – February 23, 8pm – 9:15pm. Participates are responsible for bringing their own props. For more information or to register please email burnaby@bodyexchange.ca

    Spring Boxing 2017

    All levels are welcome, classes are designed for beginners and intermediate. We welcome Body Exchange members and friends. It is a great way to relieve stress and get a good 1 hour workout at the end of the week!

    Classes will be held on Friday evening’s at Capitol Hill Athletics starting March 10th. Please note class dates as they alternate most weeks. Friday March 10 & 24, April 7 & 21, May 5 &12. For more information or to register please email burnaby@bodyexchange.ca

    Personal Training
    Hiring a personal coach is a great way to assist you in reaching your fitness goals. We will devise the most efficient training program for you and your abilities. We will hold you accountable and give you that extra push to make sure you are on track with your goals. To inquire about rates and availability or to register for a fitness consultation please email burnaby@bodyexchange.ca

  • Activities/Events

Andrea Guzzo brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to The Body Exchange after working for the organization for 7 years, she has gained “expert” status while training hundreds of plus size clients in groups and one on one. Andrea also travels to Mexico to co-facilitate the Body Exchange team at their destination fitness retreats; as well she assisted in pitching the Body Exchange concept to CBC’s Dragons Den in Toronto. After years of dedication, Andrea is now the official owner of Body Exchange, Burnaby and a Managing Director of Body Exchange, Vancouver. Health and fitness is a life time passion of Andrea’s and has always played a dominant role her life. She would like to share her knowledge and experience by helping others with motivation to participate and stay active so they can see what a positive impact it can make in their lives. Andrea is also a trainer at St Paul’s Hospital as an Exercise Leader in The Healthy Heart Program providing cardiac rehab through fitness. Andrea passionately works with each of her clients to meet their goals one step at a time bringing her clients a new lease on life and health and wellness success to many who have never found the thing that finally “worked”.


  • Pricing

    1 year - 2 Days / Week$135 / month
    1 year - 3 Days / Week$155 / month
    6 months - 2 Days / Week$145 / month
    6 months - 3 Days / Week$165 / month
    3 months - 2 Days / Week$155 / month
    3 months - 3 Days / Week$175 / month
    1 month - 2 Days / Week$165 / month
    1 month - 3 Days / Week$185 / month
    Flex Pass - 10 Sessions$180
    Flex Pass - 5 Sessions$90


I love the outdoor environment. No over-heating and feeling self conscious inside a gym and lots of variety in the workout too. Many nice ladies to exercise with and fun adventures planned monthly. I would recommend giving it a go!
Body exchange member
Plus size fitness bootcamp