The Body Love Movement is a project by Body Exchange join us by being part of a new message, shirts are available online here:


The Body Love Movement is a passion project of social entrepreneur, Louise Green.

Louise is the founder of Body Exchange Lifestyles INC offering fitness and adventure for plus size women, launched in 2008.

Since then, Green has talked to hundreds of women about their bodies, their inner struggles to lose weight and their private thoughts around their own body image. Although the Body Exchange mission is to serve the plus size community it became apparent that women of all sizes craved empowerment and elevated esteem when it came to loving their body and finding worthiness and value outside of their appearance.  They confided that the messages they heard through their upbringing and the imagery around them had a profound effect on their self image, something Green identified with very much so it ignited the movement for change.

Overtime the Body Exchange brand became immersed in the body positive movement and started a revolution within their community, which became widespread.  A movement where life has no limitations, beauty has no pre-determined standards and where a woman’s worth is not based on her weight or how her appearance measures up to the images we see in media and advertising.

If we look at the numbers, the average North American woman is a size 12 or larger yet we see little representation of her in media and advertising messages, therefore, most women feel inadequate based on clear propaganda.

We know that the diet industry makes billions of dollars while failing millions of people and we also know that beauty is big business in the tune of 160 billion dollars globally.  We need to stop striving for unrealistic ideals and start accepting and loving our unique beauty and bodies.

Shirts with a Mission are designed to create our own messaging, to combat certain advertisers and push back with a new message.  Each woman who wears the shirt boldly shares a statement that it is time for change, women are ready to take a stand and love their bodies and shine in their unique beauty, now.  #loveyourbody

The concept of B/X is great, but Rhonda is why I keep coming back and will keep coming back. She helped me find my new cadence and continues to drive me forward. Nothing but pure love for Rhonda!
Richmond Fit Camp Client